Shanghai's exports grow 2.3 pct in Jan.-May period
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Shanghai's exports grow 2.3 pct in Jan.-May period

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SHANGHAI, June 17,2020-- Shanghai's exports grew by 2.3 percent year on year over the first five months in 2020 to reach 530 billion yuan (about 74.7 billion U.S. dollars), the Shanghai Customs said Wednesday.

The municipality's exports stood at 115.8 billion yuan in May, up 3.8 percent year on year amid achievements in COVID-19 prevention and control and gradual resumption of normal business operations.

The exports of mechanical and electrical products reached 358.3 billion yuan in the January-May period, accounting for more than two-thirds of the city's total, while the exports of integrated circuits, and mobile phone handsets enjoyed a rapid year-on-year growth of about 30 percent respectively during this period.

Shanghai's exports of labour intensive products increased by 7 percent year on year during the period to reach 73.8 billion yuan, the customs said.

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