1000dots RGB Led Signal Repeater Controller for RGB Seven Color Led Lighting
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1000dots RGB Led Signal Repeater Controller for RGB Seven Color Led Lighting

RGB LED signal repeater controller for rgb led the color change control system,through the red green blue and V+ 4 ways current control ,so can achieve the color change purpose.
  • 1000points rgb controller

  • JUYU

  • 8537109090


RGB controller (group control)

1.Technical Parameters

  • supply voltage: DC5-24V

  • connecting mode:common anode

  • output current:<10A*6

  • output power:720W(12V)

  • product size:176*135*46mm

  • weight:550g

2. Feature: 

  1)use for RGB seven color pixel,module ,strip etc.

  2) RGB 6ways output

  3) power off memory

  4) dynamic adjustable

3.Direction for use

1). Connect the load wire at first,then the power wire;Never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit.

2). According to mode key to choose the different changing mode every time,when the key is pressed,the effect is changed,functional changes have been listed as follow;

3).Press speed key can change every effect’s speed changing progression,”S/B+” add one when you press the button every time,but “S/B-“ will subtract one,totally 10 progressions to change the speed.

4).Standard functional changes have been list as follows: 



 1static   red brightness adjustable 9seven   color jumpy changingspeed   is adjustable 
 2static   green brightness adjustable 10three   color gradual changingspeed   is adjustable 
 3static   bluebrightness adjustable 11seven   color jumpy changingspeed   is adjustable 
 4static   red and greenbrightness adjustable 12RGB   quickly changespeed   is adjustable 
 5static   red and bluebrightness adjustable 13mode9   and mode11speed   is adjustable 
 6static   green and bluebrightness adjustable 14RGB   gradual changing at the samespeed   is adjustable 
 7static   red and green and bluebrightness adjustable 15RGB   changing like running waterspeed   is adjustable 
 8three   color jumpy changingspeed is adjustable

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